LG ELECTIONS: Governor Umo Eno Reiterates support for zoning, women inclusion



Ahead of October 26 Local Government election in Akwa Ibom state, Governor Umo Eno says he will not compensate anyone who is not favoured by the internal zoning arrangement but went ahead to buy nomination form.

He also announced that six out of the 31 chairman will be women and some vice chairmen, but that no particular Local Government Area have been earmarked for women.



Governor Umo addressing the people at the 70th birthday celebration of Ikpoto Okon Usung on Sunday,30th June 2024

The Governor therefore, dismissed speculations that he will purchase forms for favoured candidates or prevent certain candidates from vying for offices in the elections as a misrepresentation, stating clearly that he will not purchase nomination form for any candidate but will support whoever the party’s internal arrangement favours.

This clarification was made while speaking at the 70th birthday celebration of a foremost Oro political leader and women right advocate, Ikpoto Okon Osung, at Emerald Event Centre, Uyo.

According to the governor he will not stop anyone from exercising his right to vote and be voted for but such a person should note that there will be no compensation from the government in an event he fails to get the party’s ticket.


Welcome Your Excellency, the celebrant Ikpoto Okon Usung receives the governor, Pastor Umo Eno to venue of the birthday celebration

“Someone said I have begun buying forms. I never said I am buying forms for anybody. I only said before you buy your forms, check where zoning favours because I will not hereinafter, be told that there were some aggrieved people who bought forms and I should come and refund money. I am not stopping you from buying forms. But I am only telling you that I will support the party’s decision.”

On the issue of women inclusion in politics Pastor Umo Eno said the PDP in Akwa Ibom State see the women as very loyal and valuable components of the party and the society at large, hence will not leave their fate hanging in the upcoming election.

“We have women that have been with us for years and we all know the truth that if you don’t deliberately give them opportunity, the men will over-run them. These women are very loyal people. We will intentionally include women in the things we are doing. It is an intentional move

“The truth is that, such is the position of the party. I am only conveying the position of the party as the leader of the party in Akwa Ibom State,” he said.

Felicitating the celebrant, Ikpoto Okon Osung, on his 70th birthday, Governor Eno expressed his high regards for his honesty and integrity, acknowledging the significant role he played during the gubernatorial campaigns.

“Life in the 70 years of our dear Ikpoto has been one driven by purpose. The purpose to provide selfless service, a life of deep convictions, following the dictates of one’s conscience and adhering strictly and totally to the concept of right and wrong”

“This ennobling ideal you have championed in the last seventy years has distinguished you as one of our highly respected Statesmen whose voice is respected and admired deeply and profoundly. So I am proud to call you my friend.

“As you turn seventy years today, I wish you God’s continuous blessing, good health, and happiness and strength so that you can continue to avail us of your wise counsel,” he added.




The celebrant Ikpoto Okon Usung joined by dignitaries cut the giant cake to mark his 70th birthday

Ikpoto Osung was the former Chairman of the Local Government Service Commission former Chairman of Oro Think Tank, a foremost sociopolitical group and opinion bearer for the five LGAs that make up Oro Nation.

Earlier in his remark, Ikpoto Okon Osung, thanked the Governor and the various personalities in the State for honouring him with their presence at the event and urged the people to foster a spirit of unity and harmony, devoid of ethnicity, religious differences and political affiliations.