TRADITIONAL RULERS LAW: Your sinister motive to truncate peace in Akwa Ibom will fail … Activist fires at 13 Paramount Rulers in Court

  • TRADITIONAL RULERS LAW: Your sinister motive to truncate peace in Akwa Ibom will fail … Activist fires at 13 Paramount Rulers in Court A legal practitioner Mr Manfred Ekpe, Esq says the sinister plots of the 13 royal majesties to truncate the peace and Harmony in the state will fail. Reacting to a press briefing by counsel to plaintiff Paramount Rulers in Abak on Monday, Barr Manfred Ekpe disagreed with the position that the Attorney General of the state is frustrating peace moves by filing a counter motion against their motion for an out of court settlement. It could be recalled that on Monday, Uyobong Jumbo, Esq, Sunday Uko Afiko and Diamond Akpanika, Esq briefed the press alleging among other things the fact that the case is status bared after three months whereas the Attorney General is frustrating their desire for peaceful resolution by filing a counter motion to the effect that the case be withdrawn for an out of court settlement. According to Barr Ekpe the action of the plentiff Paramount Rulers is like calling for peace while at the same time frustrating every peace move made by the other party. “The truth is that, the plaintiff paramount rulers through their lawyer filed a motion for an out of court settlement after which the negotiation for settlement, parties will still return to court to report on the terms of settlement, or at the event parties were unable to reach an agreement the case would continue in court. With the previous conduct of plaintiffs it is not out of order to infer that nothing would come out of the out of court settlement, as the sponsors of the trouble will make sure they impose on Government impossible conditions garnished with propaganda to cause confusion In response to the motion, the Attorney General filed a counter affidavit wherein he argued that in the spirit of true settlement, the case ought to be withdrawn from court for arbitration. Where arbitration fails parties can still approach the court again. The Attorney General’s position is in line with the procedural laws of Akwa Ibom state which provides that before any body sues the Government, a statutory notice of intention to sue must first be issued to Government so that the Government may explore avenues for peaceful settlement. Where the Government fails to do this, or where the negotiation fails, then the citizen may file a suit against the Government. This law was not complied with by plaintiffs and the Attorney General was only asking them for compliance. Had their Majesties not taken to advice and refused to honour the governor’s dialogue called by the governor on the morning of 23 Sept., 2023 before swearing in of the President General of the Supreme Council of Traditional Rulers, this matter may not have degenerated into what we have today. The governor said that he would have suspended the swearing in to look at how to accommodate concerns raised yet the royal fathers for no reasonable cause, boycotted the meeting but rather summoned converge to attack the Government. There is nothing to suggest that the govenor was insincere in summoning that meeting” Mr. Ekpe, an activist, therefore call on the 13 Royal Majesties to tow the path of peace and not allow themselves to be used to truncate the peace we enjoy in Akwa Ibom state. “The plaintiff paramount rulers should, if they truly want peace, take the opportunity offered by the governor in a meeting with them, and tow the path of peace. It is quite unfortunate that royal fathers should lend themselves as instruments of distabilisation of our peaceful state” he concluded.


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