Senator Aloysius Etok rallies support for ARISE Agenda


Senator Aloysius Etok rallies support for ARISE Agenda

By Otobong Nsekpong

A PDP chieftain in Akwa Ibom State, Senator Aloysius Etok has thrown his weight behind the the ARISE Agenda economic blueprint of Pastor Umo Eno describing it as a well thought out plan that will fasten development of our communities.

In an exclusive interview with this reporter in Uyo recently, the senator who represented Akwa Ibom North West senatorial district between 2007 and 2015 , said he has been vindicated in his constant demand for a man from the grassroots as the chief executive of the state.

According to him, from the way he is mobilizing the entire political structure of the state towards the socio-economic development and the bottom to top approach in developing the state, the governor has not only left his footprints on the sand of time but his model has been copied by other states in Nigeria.

“Look at the appointment of 368 personal aides, he asked that each ward should nominate whom to be appointed as personal assistant to the governor thereby returning power back to the people.
“Before now one or two persons would have sat down somewhere and produced a list that many wards in the state would have been left out but he has changed the narrative and it is worthy of emulation.

“He has also asked for nomination from the units to serve as community watchers for his government and this too has taken place from the units. He understands his time clearly that he needs to mobilize the grassroots for development and that is what he has done. Let us watch and see the speed at which Akwa Ibom will record development between now and when his tenure ends.

He pointed out that Ikono will benefit massively from the ARISE Agenda being an agrarian local government in need of basic infrastructure and development. ” I am hopeful that at the end of his tenure, Ikono would have come out of the woods to the centre stage of development in the state.

Senator Aloysius Etok also said as a man from the organised private sector, Pastor Umo Eno will strengthen the private sector and reversed the trend where only government is the only employer of labour in the state.
” Go to the USA, only 18 percent of the work force are employed by the government whereas in Akwa Ibom today, government is the only employer of labour. Even in Nigeria we have states like Lagos that are economically strong because of the presence of the private sector. In Lagos, most people does not know about the state government because survival is not tied to government apron. The state survived for three years during the Chief Olusegun Obasanjo’s presidency without federal allocation a thing that can never happen in Akwa Ibom.
Only when economy situation can is reversed and have a solid private sector that we will be able to say we have arrived. I commend him for the vision to empower young entepreneurs in the state, for me that’s the way to go in eradicating poverty and unemployment in Akwa Ibom” he stressed.


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