MLS Clears Messi Of Breaching Post Match Rule



MLS Clears Messi Of Breaching Post Match Rule

Lionel Messi has been cleared of breaking post-match media rules after finally making his Major League Soccer (MLS) debut.

Messi has been the main attraction in MLS since his move to Inter Miami this summer, having signed as a free agent after leaving Paris Saint-Germain.

However, there was controversy after Messi made his official MLS debut when he came off the bench against the New York Red Bulls at the Red Bull Arena.

The Argentine scored an 89th-minute goal to help Miami secure a 2-0 victory, backing up the earlier strike from Diego Gomez. The Argentina legend’s previous eight appearances had come in cup matches, either the Leagues Cup or the US Open Cup.

In the days after the game, reports emerged that Messi, who is not a fluent English speaker, had violated MLS rules by not taking part in any post-match media duties. That would appear to have been in breach of the league’s media policies after MLS executive vice president of communications, Dan Courtemanche, insisted all players must be available to speak to reporters as part of their post-match media duties.

But, the MLS has released a statement clearing up the situation, making it clear Messi did not violate any rules after the game.



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