Kano Tricyclist who returned N15m narrates experience


Kano Tricyclist who returned N15m narrates experience


The 22-year-old tricycle rider, Auwalu Salisu, who returned N15 million in Kano state has opened up on his experience after the incident.

The said amount which belong to a Chadian national was forgotten in Auwalu Salisu’s tricycle.

According to him some of his friends called him mad for returning the money and told him he had missed his first and last chance to become rich.

The incident, which happened during the weekend, has attracted the attention of people who expressed divergent views.

While the majority of the people are sending positive comments to the young man for his trust and integrity, others, including some of his friends, blamed him for returning the money.

Salisu discovered the money, comprising CFA and Naira, inside his tricycle after dropping his passengers who boarded the tricycle from Yankaba. Although he didn’t know the exact amount, Salisu was shocked, and immediately returned it.

Despite the hardship they are facing at home and not having his own tricycle, Salisu and his parents refused to touch the money. Instead, his mother asked him to search for the owner, who was successfully traced through radio announcements.

He was rewarded by the owner with the sum of N400,000.

In a press interview in their residence, the young tricycle rider said while some people were commending him for the integrity he has shown, some of his friends said he was mad for returning the money.

According to him, some even said he would never be rich.

“Some of my friends were not happy with what I did. But that is not a problem for me. So far as my conscience is clear, I am ok. They said I am mad and don’t know what I am doing. Some even said I will never be rich again, and that this is my first and last chance.

“While others are praising and commending me for what I did, people are trooping to our house to congratulate me and my parents for what I did. I appreciate Almighty God for that,” he said.


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