How Eno Ibanga instigates crisis in PDP, Mkpat Enin chapter


How Eno Ibanga instigates crisis in PDP, Mkpat Enin chapter

Contrary to Governor Umo Eno’s directive that stakeholders should limit their influence to their wards in the choice of Personal Assistant to the governor, professor Eno Ibanga has been caught in the web of disobedience.

Elders and youths of Mkpat Enin Urban have condemed the action of the Commissioner for Works and Fire Service, Prof Eno Ibanga, in trying to cause crisis in the People’s Democratic Party in ward five by trying to nominate a personal assistant to the governor for the people of Ward 5 in Mkpat Enin local government area.

The stakeholders who also passed a vote of confidence on the political leader of the ward, Hon. Aniedi Ekanem, declared their unflinching supports to him for always leading the party to success in any election.

Hon. Ekanem, who is a former Councillor that represented the ward between 1999-2002 and a
former aide to the Deputy governor of Akwa State as well as PDP Chaper Officer, is now the political leader of the ward who works tirelessly with other stakeholders to deliver PDP in any election in the ward

The stakeholders warned Prof Ibanga, who is a non-indigene of the ward to stop meddling into the politics of the ward, especially in respect of the nomination of the Personal Assistant (PA) to the Governor from the ward.

Ibanga, who is from Ukpom Minya ward two, is lobbying to imposed somebody to be appointed as PA to the governor from ward five, a situation the Stakeholders outrightly rejected.

The Stakeholders stated that Ibanga having failed in his bid to impose by way of nominating a personal assistant to the governor on ward five is now pushing for the removal of the political leader of the ward, Hon. Aniedi Ekanem, whom the stakeholders recently passed vote of confidence on him for his outstanding leadership in the ward.

They said that Prof Ibanga’s action is capable of causing crisis in a united PDP in the ward, calling on the party leadership to call him to order.

According to the stakeholders, Mkpat Enin Urban which hosts Ukpom Minya ward five is an important political centre in the local government who have prominent party faithful that have been working for the success of PDP in the state.

During a special stakeholders meeting held recently, the Stakeholders expressed displeasure over Prof Ibanga’s action aimed at bringing crisis in PDP in the ward who have over the years worked in unity for the success of the party.

According to them “Hon. Aniedi Ekanem is a former councillor in the area and he is one of the most influential names in urban area of the Local Government.

“He is a business man and a staunch PDP promoter in the ward, Prof Ibanga is from another ward (Ukpom Minya ward two) but trouble started recently when Ibanga and one of his youth aides, Mr Ikanke Samuel lobbied to nominate someone from the urban as PA to the governor despite the fact that both are not from the ward.

“Key political leaders from urban ward five that attended the meeting including; the Political leader, Hon. Aniedi Ekanem, Aniefiok Otu, Hon. Johnson Ata, former SA to the governor, Chief Bob Akpan Akpan and former zonal director of education, Mr Imo, among others, commended Hon. Aniedi Ekanem for leading the PDP to victory in the just concluded election in the ward.

“They warned Prof. Eno Ibanga and Ikanke Samuel to respect themselves and stop sponsoring parallel meetings in the ward even against the Governor’s directive on issue” they said.


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